SWAMP THING #25  Written by CHARLES SOULE  Art and cover by JESUS SAIZ

SWAMP THING The evolution of Swamp Thing that began in SWAMP THING ANNUAL is complete! But is it enough to defeat Seeder, who is so much more than he seems? Plus: A twist ending that will reshape Swamp Thing’s world!

swampthing by saadirfan on DeviantArt

Imperdible! Superheroes / Supervillanos IV. Megapost

Swamp Thing - A great graphic novel about the journey of ego loss and the happiness and oneness it brings.

Reason enough for the 1981 movie to exist. this comic came back, and Alan Moore wrote for it some wonderful stories. Saga of the Swamp Thing.

The finished Swamp Thing, for the #HeroesCon art auction.

Dave Wachter on

davewachter: “Swamp Thing for the Heroes Con art auction this weekend.

Charles Vess, Swamp Thing

a beautifully ethereal Swamp Thing piece for DC by Charles Vess