Artist: J O H N   C H I A P P O N E Title: Brooklyn Bridge Medium: Photograph  This picture portrays balance by taking the scene and cutting it in half. Other than the people in the background the picture would be completely balanced. I choose it because I think it is a beautiful picture.

Symmetrical Balance: Identical objects are arranged on both sides of a center point. This picture shows symmetrical balance because it's identical on both sides and all lines are going up to the center.

abstract art for the garden.exterior sculpture                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Balance: Symmetrical - Shape is mirrored on both sides making the piece symmetrical and balanced.

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Photography inspiration

I think this image stands out due to the leading lines and the cross pattern between the rail lines. I feel that it also stands out because the lines start to disappear as they get further away. I think the dusk lighting also adds to the image with soft l

love open staircase that add to the room, not sure how i feel about the symmetry

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My open concept dream home. Contemporary, clean lines, neutral palette, amazingly beautiful. Contemporary in Deephaven - contemporary - living room - minneapolis - Spacecrafting / Architectural Photography

Claes Oldenburg Elements: Line, color, shape, form Principle: Symmetrical balance, unity, contrast, proportion

Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen, Leaning Fork with Meatball Spaghetti III

Design principle: Symmetrical (formal)  balance - when the elements of a composition are the same on either side of an axis

Principle of Design: Balance Symmetrical (formal) - when the elements of a composition are the same on either side of an axis

This outfit has a lot of symmetrical balance because the whole outfit mirrors each other, pattern and color.

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