Brasa Brings the Fireplace to the Tabletop

Never really gets cold enough for this where I am, but it looks like a great idea. Tabletop Fireplace: Perfect for a smaller house or apartment without room for a fireplace or even for a little potbelly stove.

The Tabletop Fireplace - Using recycled liquid ethanol fuel that gives off only water vapor and carbon dioxide, the clean-burning, portable fireplace yields a bright yellow, orange, and red flame that flickers without fumes.

Your source for the best in modern indoor outdoor bio-fireplaces. Wall mounted, tabletop, and floor ethanol fireplaces, bio-fireplace fuel and fire accessories

Tabletop Fireplace Goes On Top Of Your Table

Indoor / Outdoor Tabletop Fireplace

Tech-savvy chic

Art Table top fireplaces small, stylish, romantic and they generate HEAT. Very cool design with tanks in the handle. products-of-interest

For Master Bath / Bedroom Smokeless, ventless and run on bioethanol — a wholly renewable source of energy made from sugar, potatoes, beets, corn or other agricultural products

Make a Tabletop Fireplace for Your Party in 15 Minutes

Give your party a little ambiance (fast!) by transforming a ceramic pot into a tabletop fire pit.

A Mediterranean Personal Fireplace A very cool, well, HOT, Personal Fireplace with a real flame using an innovative gel fuel system; covered by a hurricane glass over a smooth ivory cast concrete base.

Ignis Verona Ventless Bio-Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace Finish: Red

Tabletop Fireplace

Irradia Tabletop Fireplace - It's not every day you get a ribbon of fire atop your furniture, and you want it there. The Irradia Tabletop Fireplace is designed to accent just abou.

Tabletop Glass Fireplace, This indoor/outdoor lantern can add light to your patio and roast Smores, too! by on Etsy - Modern Fireplace