Tarzan! I love this movie! I can quote this movie the whole time!

Only Germophobes Will Understand This

Cute elephant from Tarzan. No that is not the cute elephant from Tarzan this is the cute elephant from The Jungle Book!

I wish i could use this quote...Maybe I'll start saying this to myself LOL

I've had it with your emotional constipation! This is now my all time favorite Disney movie quote.

Disney's Tarzan and Jane.. such a good movie!

Tarzan ~ Minnie Driver largely ad-libbed the breathless speech in which Jane tells her father and Clayton about meeting Tarzan for the first time.


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Taught To Be Rebels | HUMAN | T-Shirts, Tanks, Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Yeh true but should we really be rebels and why are we taught to be rebels at such a young age like for real!

Brilliant German Insults We Need In English - 9GAG

Brilliant German Insults We Need In English

Brilliant German Insults We Need In English. I'm not saving this for German class. Nope definitely not.