Tay jardine

Jenna McDougall (Tonight Alive) Lynn Gunn (PVRIS) Tay Jardine (We Are The In Crowd)

By Sophia Simon-Bashall I might have mentioned it before, but rock music has a really big problem. Sexism is the &helip;

Dead hurr had to go. thanks for the friendspiration @kaylaloren

{Tay Jardine} Hey I'm Taylor, Tay for short. Please don't call me Taylor, I'm in a band called we are the in crowd.

If you DON'T think Tay is adorable, I'll probably slap you in the face with sass

Hanging out with my dog pumpkin, i kinda want to hang with the pumpkin king.

Tay Jardine We Are The In Crowd WATIC

When Tay takes selfies out in the snow she looks adorable. When I take selfies out in the snow I look like I just got caught in a snowstorm -_-

Taylor Jardine, I don't why i'm so crush in to this girl

I was just diagnosed with ADHD. It explains a lot. Any one want to go get pizza?

Tay Jardine - We Are The In Crowd

Tay is never afraid to get "down and dirty" with the guys. She absolutely loves sports (watching and playing), could careless about the state of her nail polish, and dislikes dresses/skirts since it's pretty hard to do anything except look nice in them.

Tay Jardine

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