Disney University by - PART 3 Tarzan, John Smith, and Cocoum (idk if I spelt that right) cracked me up.

King's College Chapel : Cambridge : 1512 -- Colours all wrong - looks like a spider web - but put some colour into it, with all its shadows and lights, and just think what this wonderful ceiling could be.

Alfred Tennyson, Idylls of the King and a Selection of Poems. [Also: quoted by Judy Dench in Skyfall]

King's College - Cambridge University When I stepped inside, I was frozen in awe! Gorgeous and amazing to be standing where so many others had stood before, Churchill, The Queen.

King's College in Cambridge, England. Definitely recommend a punt ride down the river Cam! Also, go inside the King's College Chapel!

Finding Time for God in College

finding time for anything in college can be difficult, but here are some tips for finding time for the most important thing, God!

Stress management worksheets & infographic A Cure For The Stressed Life of A College Student Infographic Description Stress management techniques Stress ma

13 Chicago Design Destinations You Won't Find On A Boat Tour

Deering Library at Northwestern University 13 Chicago Design Destinations You Won't Find On A Boat Tour

Castle Life: Oxbridge college halls continue their medieval eating arrangements, with a high table at one end and rows of tables - as in any noble residence. Minus the ugly portraits.

The Top 10 Things To See And Do In Aberdeen

The witnesses are: Professor David Edgerton, Hans Rausing Professor of the History of Science and Technology, and Professor of Modern British History, King’s College London Professor Peter McOwan, Vice Principal, Public Engagement and Student Enterprise, Queen Mary University of London...

The College of Charleston, located in downtown Charleston, SC, is one of the most amazing campuses in the South! Beautiful and historic enjoy shopping King Street and the Charleston City Market in between classes and library visits.

Disney University - Simba Simba is a fan of Harry Potter if there Hogwarts, he would like to be in Gryffindor He is studying philosophy and educational sciences. Simba is very responsible, kind, funny and sometimes a bit lazy (Hakuna matata!