Planche Créatures Fantastiques Deyrolle : Métamorphose du Loup-garou

Plate Creatures fantastic Deyrolle: Metamorphosis of the werewolf

Running a RPG with lycanthropes? Perhaps you want silver to be the element that can harm werewolves. That would make sense... but why? What world building reason can you think up to explain silver's ability?

12 reasons why silver hurts werewolves

Who do u think would win? Dipper the werewolf hunter OR Robbie the werewolf?? Commit I think dipper!

The Wedding by markmak on deviantART idk why I laughed so hard at this XD

The Werewolf - Transformation Sequence by Zellgarm

(The Werewolf - Transformation Sequence by Zellgarm) Very close to how I imagine it

You should read "Mated to The Werewolf King (Now Completed)" on #Wattpad. #werewolf

Mated To The Werewolf King (Completed, Kings Series, Book 1)

Beautiful cover by xXMinion_GirlXx. Anabelle finds out that she is not the real daughter of the Alpha in her werewolf pack.

The Werewolf, 1956 - original vintage poster listed on

Poster for The Werewolf starring Steven Ritch, Don Megowan and Joyce Holden. Australian release daybill, printed in Sydney. 1956 Fred F.

Fenris the werewolf + SKECHT, Marcos Raya Delgado on ArtStation at

Fenris the werewolf + SKECHT, Marcos Raya Delgado on ArtStation at…