Fredrickson, Shauna. "How to apply old-age makeup.' Photograph. Webshots. Missourian, 17 Oct 2008. Web. 28 Sep. 2015.

This will help me when it comes to applying my old age makeup, it shows how to shade and highlight for an aging effect

Dear awesome trans peeps: If you want to look more masculine/feminine here's how to do it!

Dear awesome trans peeps/ makeup artists/ anyone else really: If you want to look more masculine/feminine here's an idea that may help :)

Capitol Make-up by shanayaswonderland on Polyvore featuring beauty products, makeup, eye makeup, eyeshadow, eyes, beauty, backgrounds, pictures, people and maquillaje

I wouldn't be this brave to try and sport these in public. But it's be fun to learn how to do these! <<< i would wear these IF I was that good at makeup!

Addams Family Ancestor

I choose this image because of the shadows and the colors. I think the colors blend well together and the shadows look really nice with blue makeup.

Phantom of the Opera - Michael Crawford's makeup. No one ever quite portrayed him with so much compassion and genuine love for the character as he did.

Micheal Crawford transforming into the phantom of the opera(musical) the original phantom from Andrew Lloyd weber

celebrity professional makeup artist ve neill at blanche macdonald ...536 x

Good look at the famous side burns, dark thin eyebrows, dark eyelids and red/dark under eyes with dark purple/red/brown contour around the cheek bones, frown lines and temples

Super easy Old-Age Makeup!!!  All items can be purchased at!

The best way to age your face. This would work well for a witch as well. Your Face special fx gory Halloween makeup