calça folgada na cintura

How to Fix the Gap in Pants

I've done this differently but this is certainly another - and probably quicker - method. Alterations are always customer's choice. Original Pinner: Fixing the Gap - While Camden Sleeps.

Make it out of slips - reminds me of Michelle Harders My Fair Lady Dress that she made out of thrift store wedding dresses.

Vintage slips made into a gown. I would wear this as my wedding dress. I don't want a white dress anyways.don't need wedding dress.just think this would be for a very special night out

Turn Old Jeans Into Shorts

11 Clever Ways To Repurpose Your Old Clothes

Personal life: How cute are these shorts? I love going to the thrift store and making old clothes into new, trendy clothes. Plus you can use the scraps as old dish rags or tie it in a knot and make it a doggie chew toy!

Personal Life: This YouTuber makes videos about upcycling old and out of style clothes from the thrift store into wearable pieces. She can remind me to support the upcycling of clothing instead of allowing them to up as wasted fabric in a landfill.

Omfg amazing transformation from a cool thrifted dress. Since I can't have it imma pin it lol but seriously dress is so beautiful. She's talented af

I love a good refashion, I love to be challenged and I'm a sucker for before and afters. I picked up this top at the local thrift store, lover the pretty thick lace it had. I couldn't resist. Some sim

DIY loose peplum lace top refashion - video tutorial (C&C)