Spiegelman should have put the Thunder cat Mask on the Germans instead!

In early June of this year, Variety reported that Warner Bros. studios is currently working on a live-action CGI movie based on the popular cartoon television series Thundercats in conjunction…

"ThunderCats": Another '80s Cartoon to Become a Movie

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Forget the rainforests, Rob says, we need to preserve the endangered species of slightly rubbish Saturday morning cartoons.

Summary: The Equalists begin to attack Republic City. Free Streaming Video The Legend of Korra Season 1 Episode 10 - Turning the Tides (Full Video) Summary: The Equalists begin to attack Republic City.


Jessica Jones excitement has a firm grip on the basement. But will it deliver the same one-two punch that Daredevil laid out for Netflix? Ronda Rousey disappoints Pete. Cheeseburger and Ramon join in with three picks for book of the week. The boy's Christmas lists are revealed and Star Wars tickets are definitely on them. Red Sonja Conan concludes! We kick off our Paybacks contest. And the basement finally answers the question you've all been asking: What is your favorite sandwich? Tune in…

Meet Dobo, He's the Pit Master and legend among the Jackals. You'll see him in the newest episode of ThunderCats "The Pit".

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