Tiny turtle

That's some determination...

These Funny Animals - Hannah says this turtle is a baby tortoise. She is eating strawberries for breakfast for babies like their baby food. She gets strawberry milk. Animales,Animalistic & things i love,Animals,Baby

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The two cutest baby turtles I have ever seen! It takes two to be as large as a strawberry.

Baby Turtles Vs. Strawberries

Squirtle and Myrtle are two baby side-necked turtles living on a strawberry farm in Southeast Queensland, Australia.

Baby Turtles Vs. Strawberries

How sweet is that? Baby turtle perches on top of succulent strawberry twice his size on fruit farm

Tiny Turtle Investigators

Tiny turtle investigator…

"Have you tried balancing on it?" "Yes of course I tried balancing on it Jenkins this is not my first day as a tiny turtle investigator!

We were hoping that modeling lessons would help coax Charlotte out of her shell a little. ~ Houston Foodlovers

Who me! Eating the flowers? By: Robert Charity Possibly the cutest turtle photo I've seen.

Tiny turtle is pleased - The Meta Picture

Tiny turtle is pleased

Funny pictures about Tiny turtle is pleased. Oh, and cool pics about Tiny turtle is pleased. Also, Tiny turtle is pleased photos.