bouganvillea standard:  I love how vivid this color is.

Would be SO beautiful with cobalt pot, travertine patio and light tranquil blue pool water

Simple Pretty Lavender Topiaries

"I love lavender but when I saw these last year I really, really wanted one but they sold before I could get one." Always with Love Uniquely RA Simple & Pretty Lavender Topiaries

Get inspired by greenery with DIY topiaries.

3 ways to make a topiary

Vintage French Soul ~ Rosemary Topiary DIY Materials: string scissors clippers bamboo stakes rosemary plant (make.

Topiaries are big cool points for your lawn or garden. And they LOOK so hard to do (and to maintain). But there's a secret cheat that makes even the most intric

Love Topiaries? Grow Your Own With These EASY Steps

Button Leaf Topiary from Ballard designs. Absolutely love that they are more delicate and real looking instead of the typical faux boxwood. Absolutely love this!

Eye For Design: Decorating With Topiary.....For Your Home And Gardens

GARDEN: Topiary - Create a Formal Topiary: How to maintain a Simple Pyramidal Shape.

Gardenia tree... Makes everything smell amazing!

Fragrant Gardenia Topiary

Lovely doorway in London IMG_0055 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Glossy black door with brass hardware and topiaries on porch looks glamorous. The black door works with contrasting white walls.

Angel Vine Shaped Topiary - Other Topiary Plants from Curb & Mantle

Live Topiary and Preserved Topiary: ivy topiaries, angel vine topiaries, rosemary topiaries, boxwood topiaries, myrtle topiary and lavender topiary by FRESHTOPIARY.

Herb-based topiaries are pretty, fragrant and a different sort of gift for the foodie: How to Make a Rosemary Topiary. Year-round herbs small or large spaces...

Rosemary Topiary Tutorial - how to plant, prune & stake a plant. I don't normally like topiary, but this we should do.

INSPIRATION | TOPIARY FORM :: {DIY Charm} Wire Metal Topiary Dome, Set Of 2 (Two Pieces a Set) :: $25.50 | :: [16"dia] Crafted of wire, the 2 pieces clip together to form a dome. :: This is a clever product, if only it wasn't so huge! I think you could make one... | #topiaryform #wire

TOPIARY FORM :: DIY Charm Wire Metal Topiary Dome, Crafted of wire, the 2 pieces clip together to form a dome, if only it wasnt so huge!