Caring for and Feeding a Russian Tortoise

Caring for and Feeding a Russian Tortoise

Russian tortoises are one of the more popular small species of pet tortoises. They are fairly easy to keep, as long as you know proper husbandry and diet for the tortoise.

Did you know: not all species of tortoise hibernate! Here's one that doesn't: the red footed tortoise

Guide to Red Footed Tortoises as Pets

A tortoise was found alive in a locked store room after thirty years! It is believed that Manuela survived by eating termites from the wooden floors. The red-footed tortoise species can go for extended periods without food.

Everything You Need to Know About Raising a Sulcata Tortoise | PetHelpful

Everything You Need to Know About Raising a Sulcata Tortoise

Sulcata tortoises are not the right pet for everyone. Please read and consider what a lifelong commitment raising a tortoise can be.

Red-Footed Tortoise Care Sheet

I have seen numerous suggestions for Russian tortoise diet Some great Some awful. Russian Tortoises are nibblers and appreciate broad leaf plants.

Leopard Tortoise Care Sheet

A leopard gecko care sheet manual listing the cage, habitat, food, supplements, and supplies for your pet lizard.

Tortoise Pasture Seed Mix                  Patton from Colorado enjoying our Sulcata Mix just 7 days after planting. Our fresh seed mix is available! Mixed January 2017.  This is a mixture of seeds specially designed to grow your own tortoise food.   Our mix is custom blended several times a year and includes a variety of grasses and a few dicots. The mix is primarily grasses as this provides the best diet for sulcatas. Our mixes contain a variety of seeds depending on the growing season…

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Russian Tortoise Care Sheet | Tortoise Forum

Russian tortoises have great personalities, are very hardy, tolerate a wide variety of enclosure parameters, stay small, and are generally a good.