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How to: get beach waves

Want to know how to get beach waves like Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba and Sienna Miller?

Quintessentially chic and perfectly groomed, with tousled hair, airbrushed skin and long lashes, the modern French woman’s simple, undone approach to beauty is something we’re always striving to emulate. And now, it’s easier than ever to recreate the much-coveted Parisian look; from skincare must-haves to the ultimate red lip, simply follow SL’s guide of the game-changing French beauty rules to adopt now...

French Girl Beauty Rules

Tousled hair, airbrushed skin and long lashes, the modern French woman has a simple, undone approach to beauty. And now it’s easier than ever to recreate.

my kind of hair-do. (though she makes it look pretty and on purpose lol)

I've Loved You For So Long by Fernando Torres & Magnus Klackenstam for Design Scene

Messy bed head tousled bride hair by Britt Sully                                                                                                                                                                                 More

40 Stylish And Natural Taper Haircut

The Secrets to Alexa Chung’s Signature Tousled Waves  | Alexa Chung is envied for many things—her effortlessly cool hairstyle being one of them, and we’re craving the star’s beautifully tousled waves now more than ever.

The Secrets to Alexa Chung’s Signature Tousled Waves

windblown sexy fashion fashion photography wind blown hair tousled hair

Who said it had to be perfect? // messy beach waves // black and white portrait of a woman // golden ombre // bronde // blonde highlights // brunette // hair

That's a lot of effort to go to for the "just got out of bed" look... The irony.

How To Get Perfectly Tousled Bedhead Hair

Do I actually want tousled bed head hair? A from celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin for perfectly tousled bedhead //

Her hair looks messy, but it's also look fantastic!!

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