Transformations Project

Transformations Project

As I posted before, my kids have been struggling with transformations, specifically rotations. I created this project in the hopes that creating an actual template to move around as they transform.

Use this set of 40 Task Cards to help your students review Translations, Rotations and Reflections in the First Quadrant of the Cartesian Plane. Students will identify Transformations, practice reading and drawing Ordered Pairs along with drawing and describing Transformations.  Includes Recording Sheet and Answer Key.

Transformational Geometry Task Cards

These 40 task cards help students practice transformations: slides, flips, and turns. The different scenarios provide hands-on practice.

Sunday Math Journals - Transformational Geometry as seen on Sixth Grade Staff

Sunday Math Journals - Transformational Geometry

Transformations Summative Assessment Project

Transformations Summative Assessment Project (Equation Freak)

My pre-algebra classes just finished their unit on transformations. They loved the graphing and finding something that graders love to d.

Geometry Transformations Coordinate Plane and Non Quick Re

Transformations Coordinate Plane & Non Graphic Org. /Reference

Transformations Coordinate Plane and Non Graphic Organizer/Reference Sheets This product contains a two page teacher reference and a two page student fill-in version covering the main formulas from a Transformations Unit in a

Transformational Geometry Interactive Smartboard Lesson 16 pages, includes printable worksheets

Transformational Geometry Gr. 5-6 Interactive SMARTboard Activities & printables

Geometric Transformations Foldable Activity for Google Drive - 7 interactive slides for students to create their own definitions and practice examples - for high school geometry

Geometric Transformations Digital Activity

Are you using digital activities in your high school geometry class? This digital foldable for conditional statements will keep students engaged throughout the class period while helping them prepare for geometry proofs!