Tumbling blocks without Y seams

Video tutorial: tumbling blocks with no Y seams

Free Easy Quilt Block Patterns | optical illusion--tumbling blocks

optical illusion--tumbling blocks Same exact blocks but layed out differently with darks & lights in a different place

Video tutorial: No Y seams tumbling blocks - easy quilting

Video tutorial: tumbling blocks with no Y seams

Video tutorial: No Y seams tumbling blocks - cuz i started it, but may never finish it.

getlinkyoutube.com-How to mark and sew tumbling blocks

Download video: Free Tumbling Blocks Quilt Pattern Video Instructions

Hollow Cubes, project by MamaThadeus, in a 2013 Craftsy block-of-the-month class by Laura Nownes

Looking for quilting project inspiration? Check out July Tumbling Blocks by member MamaThadeus.

I posted over 60 videos last year. Below are the most popular ones based on number of views. Next time I’ll post my favourite 10. 1. Tumbling blocks without Y seams While I just posted my num…

Top 10 quilting videos of 2016

This tutorial is for making tumbling blocks using strips sewn together – no Y seams. This technique has been attributed to Rebecca McCreary but also to Marci Baker. The technique is very easy…

This  Tumbling Block pattern by Kay Woods is a bit different. The blocks seem to be sitting in a corner on top of a bigger block. It is just amazing!  Kay’s design needs three different strip set of two strips each and two more single strips that are cut the width of the two strips …

( 3 videos) Tumbling blocks quilts with the illusion catches your eye and the interest of other quilters. What used to be a challeng to make with set in seams is now easy with strips and a triangle ruler. The key to making this quilt is in selecting

Tumbling Blocks - what an appropriate pattern for a baby quilt!

Amish made Tumbling Blocks baby quilt. A difficult to make and very old Amish quilt pattern. Created using unisex colors and a mix of solid and patterns.