The flag of Turkey was officially adopted on June 5, 1936     The white crescent and star, symbols of Islam, are placed slightly to the left on the red field, and that shade of red dates back to the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century.

Turkey Capital: Ankara Official Language: Turkish Government: Republic Currency: Turkish Lira Driving: right Religion: Islam Flag: -red: time of war and survival

Floral Turkish Flag at the Ataturk Tomb in Ankarra, Turkey

Floral Turkish Flag at the Ataturk Monumental Tomb in Ankara, Turkey

Country Flags: Turkey Flag

Dividing the World Into the Haves and Have-Nots

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Is Turkey a Safe Place to Travel and Live? With the recent conflict with Syria and talk of War is Turkey still a safe place to be.

Turkey Flag Light Painting by ykpgrd - Photo 187491949 / 500px. Source: #lightpainting #turkey #flag #turkishflag

Turkey Flag Light Painting by ykpgrd

turkey flag

turkey flag

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Greece – the home of gods and goddesses. Greek mythology is a very popular ideology taught in many grade school history classes.

Turkey flag couple

Turkey flag couple