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Hosting another Board Game Night is on my list! What a better way to combine exercise & board games than playing Twister! Did you know that Twister (produced by Milton Bradley) was accused by its competitors of selling "sex in a box"?

Printable Finger Twister board and spinner.

Later Gator Crafts: Finger Twister is used to address abduction, adduction, and opposition of the digits.

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Vocabulary Ideas

Vocabulary In this activity, a vocabulary word is taped to each colored spot on the Twister game. An adult will say the definition of a vocabulary word and the child will place his or her hand or foot on the correct word.

Fun DIY Outdoor Family Games | Giant Yard Twister Board by DIY Ready at

Fun Outdoor Family Games

Giant yard twister board - even better would be to make a giant spinner that looks like those carnival wheels used to choose a prize

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Board Game Cake! would be a great party theme for older kids

11 Game-Inspired Cakes

board game cake or new year party cake We always stay up playing board games to pass the time by.

Word Recognition 1 - Sight Word Twister allows students to enjoy a fun, interactive game while learning sight words. All you do is take a twister board and write words on index cards and tape them to the circles. Then let the kids enjoy playing twister as they begin to recognize words.

practice those boring sight words a fun way - play Sight Word Twister! Combine movement, reading & fun and kids will be learning in no time! Vocabulary words or math problems can also be used.

Try this recipe for easy M&M'S Twister Cookies for a fun board game themed birthday party!

Try this recipe for easy MMS Twister Cookies for a fun board game themed birthday party!

Choose the perfect board game

The Geek's Guide For Choosing The Perfect Board Game [Chart

If you've finally got a group together for a game night--or if it's family game time--and you have no idea what to play, this chart can help.