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Type Classification Posters

Type Classification Posters by Cedrik Ferrer, via Behance

30 affiches avec un travail typographique original - Inspiration graphique #12 | BlogDuWebdesign

30 affiches avec un travail typographique original - Inspiration graphique #12

Typography for a poster of the Centro Dramático Nacional

TYPOGRAPHIC DESIGN MERITS | Anthropology’s Politics—Anne Jordan and Mitch Goldstein, Fairport, NY; Rob Ehle (art director), Anne Jordan and Mitch Goldstein (designers/photographers), Stanford University Press (client)

Type & Lettering Awards 2015 Winners and Merits - Page 5 of 6

with Mitch Goldstein for Stanford University Press, Art Director: Rob Ehle

L'affiche Typographique by Bansri Thakkar

L'affiche Typographique by Bansri Thakkar

These typography celebrity heads are the work of Sean Williams designer and photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. With a focus in typographic portrait designs, he brings a unique and personal style drawn from his creative experience as an art director and photographer. In his artworks he plays with quotes of the songs and …

Typography Celebreties

Audrey Hepburn Typographic Design Buy this Shirt or Print

25 Inspiring Type, Lettering & Calligraphy Designs | From up North

Typography inspiration

Cochlear’s headlines by Samuel Castaño

Typography: I like how the words are all bunched together to form an image. You could do these with buildings for a cityscape

Regina Spektor- Typography Poster by NaylaSmith; inspired by the song of Two Birds.

It's crazy how only the use of specific colors can create this effect..

Dope type effect.

Hassebroek- TYPE DESIGN. this design uses altered or modified type to create an interesting maze of letters. There are some tiny elements of geometric shape, but I would consider this a typographic design.

Typography inspiration

Yorkshire in Yellow / Sheffield Design Week by Studio My Name is Wendy on Behance

— Lamm  Kirch

Lamm and Kirch - Designers Open Poster.

Anyone interested in typography will be in complete awe of these realistic portraits by artist Sean Williams. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, the designer, photographer, and art director certainly has a great eye for conceptual designs.

Amazing Typography Portraits Created with Song Lyrics

Sean Williams created these beautiful typography portraits of different famous singers using the lyrics of songs.Sean Williams is a designe.

The Swing Kid: Typographic Poster by Corn Studio , via Behance

INFLUENCED BY SAUL BASS The Swing Kid: Typographic Poster by Corn Studio , via Behance Use of form and shape into typography.

Striking, Minimalist, Black & White Posters Featuring Gorgeous Typography -

Minimalist black and white poster design.

Type through Australian eyes  --Typography 69  		    The International Society of Typographic Designers is the only authoritative global body for typography, so it was  a proud moment when they asked us to help compile an issue of their magazine dedicated to typography from the Southern Hemisphere. Working with guest editor Nick Kapica, we put together a hand-picked survey of some  of the most interesting work coming from our region.  The magazine – which we also took delight in designi...

The International Society of Typographic Designers - Southern Hemisphere.typography and journalism

自己, 자기, this word is translated as 'oneself'; if you want to use the philosophical term of 'the self' or 'the ego,' you can use the word, 自我, 자아.

自己 - zìjǐ - self - soi - Ich - zelf - auto

Introducción a la psicología de las fuentes #infografia #infographic #design

Exclusive FREE liquorice pompom tutorial

Graphic Design Crash Course has created an infographic about font psychology for beginners. It does a basic coverage of 'serif', 'sans.