All you need to pack for your upcoming trip to Africa!

The Ultimate Africa Packing List for Girls

If you're in need of a packing list for Africa for an overland safari, mission trip, or just traveling around here is the ultimate Africa packing list.

Here are 64 fun facts about Uganda for volunteers and travelers.


Our official fact sheet for volunteering and traveling in Uganda. Tips are about services available in Uganda and Ugandan culture.

Safety In Uganda | Annual Adventure - advice generally applicable to many third world countries

Safety In Uganda - How To Stay Secure

Uganda beyond gorilla trekking. Suggestions on places to visit and experiences in Uganda outside of visiting mountain gorillas.

Uganda Travel Guide, Beyond the Gorillas

A guide to travel experiences in Uganda, beyond the mountain gorillas. Includes an overview of what to do, see and eat in Uganda.

Kampala, Uganda. Photo: Carlo Chinca / Frommer's Cover Photo Contest 2012

Kampala, Uganda photo by Carlo Chinca / Frommer's Cover Photo Contest 2012 frm.

Following our Uganda self drive itinerary will put you out of your comfort zone and reward you with the adventure of a lifetime!

The Best Itinerary for Uganda Self Drive