ben covington became a vampire/lycan hybrid. #felicity #underworld

British actor Scott Speedman plays hybrid half werewolf and half vampire Michael Corvin in 2006 "Underworld: Evolution".

Michael Corvin  Abilities: strength agility healing werwolf/vampire hybrid


Does anybody know if Scott Speedman will return to any possible new underworld movies? question and answer in the Michael Corvin club

underworld micheal | Underworld Selene and Michael Corvin

There is No Silver Bullet

Underworld Tribute - Eternity and a day (Selene and Michael) (multifando...

Underworld Tribute - Eternity and a day (Selene and Michael) (multifando...

Underworld. I mean can we all take a moment and appreciate how hot Michael Sheen is? I've always loved him as Lucian.

My original idea for Stefan in DON'T GO FAR was this guy (Michael Sheen - Underworld), but then sort of merged with Sleepy Hollow's Ichabod (Tom Mison). So basically Stefan became both men at once, haha.