An arrow tattoo that symbolizes family unity. #tattoo #arrow #arrowtattoo

An arrow tattoo that symbolizes family unity. The message of this tattoo will always remain the same.

Thumb prints heart. Unity wedding ceremony idea. Combine our thumb prints into a heart and frame it after the ceremony

Craft your own finger print heart this Valentine's Day on a homemade personal card! It would be kind of cool to get your thumb print and your Valentine's too

Crazy Fruit Tattoos by Sylvie LS of Unity Tattoo in Montreal

Awesome Ink from Sylvie LS

sexual assault victims unity tattoo

Lady Gaga Gets Matching Tattoos With Sexual Assault Survivors

la tierra y el mar....¿o el cielo?...

Done 1 year ago in UNITY TATTOO, CHILE by Hernan Carreño I represents balance in life. one moment you can be in the sky (good), and then, you can fall to earth. So that’s why I wanted a thin line in.

Sexual assault unity tattoo

Sexual assault unity tattoo