19 Creative Solutions For Your Fireplace

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Think outside the Christmas tree with these dreamy DIY decor ideas for string lights that will have your home glowing year-round.

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Faux Fireplace Filled with Painted Vintage Suitcases + Framed Chalkboard for Changeable Quotes

Wallpaper +  bookcase | 15 Ways to Decorate Your Non-Working Fireplace

15 Clever Ways to Decorate Your Non-Working Fireplace

22 unused fireplace ideas - use it as a storage space, create personal gallery, bookcase, create shelves, put a log in the fireplace etc.

if the house has a fireplace be sure to find out whether it's gas or wood, how old it is, whether or not it works, is in good repair, whether or not it's drafty or has a good working flue hatch. If the hatch is warped or doesn't seal properly you'll be dealing with drafts when the fireplace is not on. Also find out how recently the chimney's been cleaned.

Hot or Not? Using the Fireplace for Storage?

Book Plie As Fireplace Filler Unused Fireplace Ideas Old Fireplace Decor Creative Use of Fireplace

Create a relaxed yet elegant tablescape by ruffling a neutral table runner and accenting it with small gourds, as in this dining room table from Unexpected Elegance.

22 Gorgeous Fall Vignettes To Inspire Your Seasonal Decor

Warm up a nonworking fireplace with cozy accessories such as pillow-and-throw-filled woven baskets, a plush sheepskin rug and a little branch of eucalyptus in a vase, . An added benefit: Easy access to warm blankets on cold evenings.

How to Put Your Unused Fireplace to Good Use | The Everygirl

How to Put Your Unused Fireplace to Good Use

Create a window in your unused fireplace

11 Fantastic Ideas for Decorating An Unused Fireplace

Fireplaces are both wonderful features and surprisingly versatile. Try one of these 10 fantastic ideas for decorating an unused fireplace and get roaring!