Laundry room space saving idea - cat litter box in between the washer and dryer.  great use of a small space!

Tiny Laundry Room Ideas - Space Saving DIY Creative Ideas for Small Laundry Rooms

If you have a small home & cats, then you probably keep the cat food and litter box in your laundry room. That can take up a lot of valuable space, so stack up that food and litter box on a shelf. Found on Southern Sprout.

Each duster has a 4 layer thickness of fleece. The best thing I've noticed about using these dusters is they don't flatten out like the disposable ones do, so they actually last longer. And don't forget the fact that they are washer and dryer safe (with out fabric softener)

Washable Swiffer Duster Pads — MitsuyoDay

Great Money Saver♥Washable Hand Duster Refill for Swiffer~Made from 4 layers of micro fleece~Looks easy enough to make :D

A look at lots of storage and organizing solutions that we use throughout our house.

Organization Is Key So We've Broken Down A Bunch Of Ways That We Store & Sort Items Are The House

how tempting is this????

Tutes & Tips Not to Miss {50

my future washer/dryer? I love polka dots but this is a little much! How to paint a polka dot washer and dryer that will hold up over time

washer & dryer hidden behind cabinet doors

A functional laundry area concealed by neutral cabinetry. Covering up the washer and dryer is the best idea I've seen in years! Will help to conceal our washer/dryer in our corner kitchen & provide uniformity with existing kitchen cabinets.

Laundry Room Shelving Idea- a great way to organize a small walk through laundry room.

Laundry Room Ideas for storage and organization

Laundry Room Ideas- Shelving Cubbies- Presort Dirty Laundry or Every family member gets their own basket for clean laundry