Long-Hair-v-shape-hair-cut-before-and-after I want this for my next hair cut by diane.smith

Long-Hair-v-shape-hair-cut-before-and-after I want this for my next hair cut by diane.

Exactly how it is, no more cutting it or messing with it.... Reached goal!!!  :) ;)

Beautiful long dark hair V-cut layered hair. Wish I had smooth straight hair :(

V-cut Medium Straight Haircut.  I may be more of a U type gal but you get the idea!

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V -cut hair cut. I have my hair in a slight v-cut cut. I'll make it a bit more extreme when my hair is longer

The Best Haircut for Your Hair Texture

The V Shaped hair cut is perfect for all hair textures! Something edgier for my long, super thick hair. ( I'm Gonna Get This V~ Shape Hair Cut Done Soon!

Straight V-shape hair for long hair, faded brown to blonde ombre

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Straight V-shape hair, faded brown to blonde ombre dip and a flower crown made of roses.

V shape layered cut. Would like a longer version for Z with layers starting at her shoulder.

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I want my hair cut like this. I hate when they cut it straight across! V-Layers - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

V shaped hair

Looking for the best long layered haircuts for a fresher look? In our gallery you will find the best images of Best Long Layered Haircuts that you may want

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Sooo much no. SERIOUSLY this "layered" hair cut doesn't even blend. I refuse to cut anybodys hair with the layer look. Get a blended layered hair cut.

Long hair with lots of layers. Add short layers in with it.

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5 Amazing V-cut Hairstyles for Women - need to figure out what to tell the hairdresser next time i go for a trim. so tired of getting bad haircuts!!

5 Amazing V-cut Hairstyles for Women

This is a nice long V hair cut with lots of layers in about half of it. Good idea for someone who wants their hair long, wears it down a lot, and doesn't want to have to do a lot to it. Next hair cut!

Haircuts with a v-shape in the back. curly hair cuts with layers

35 Curly Hair Cuts With Layers For Medium Short and Long Hairstyles

My favorite cut on long hair is the v layer cut. I call it the Victoria Secret models hair cut. Reminds me of when I had dark hair and extensions.

The V-cut isn’t only beautiful from the back

The v-shaped back is a simple yet bold and dramatic hairstyle. Check out these v-cut hair picture to get the look for long hair.