by Luis Tamani Amasifuen. He is a shaman and visionary painter who documents his encounters with the plant teacher, Mother Ayahuasca

"You find Peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your Life, but by realising who you are at the deepest level" ~Eckhart Tolle Artwork by Luis Tamani Amasifuen.

John Stephens- Games of chance Levels of Meaning

made by: John Stephens , 'Games of Chance & Levels of Meaning' - Acrylic on masonite

* John Stephens - - - Genesis II - (037-001)                              …

The Dreamscape Symbolism of JOHN STEPHENSFantasy never took on a more literal state than in the dreamscapes designed by John Stephens.

A Visionary Art Explosion at Sonic Bloom 2014!

A Visionary Art Explosion at Sonic Bloom Artist: Krystleyez. The message she conveys in her art is the interconnectedness of everything through sacred geometry, balance of masculine and feminine.

"We are the creatures of the light that will use the light for the benefit of mankind and of the universe." Visionary Art By: Michael Divine-Ten ThousandVisions

Birth of a Star Tapestry

At the forefront of today's modern Visionary Art movement, fine artist Michael Divine creates bold and expressive paintings exploring archetypes, spirituality, and the soul.

visionary art / Embodied <3

Visionary Art – Greeting Cards

O Universal Mother! Evolve compassion and kindness in our attitude. Extend true love and lovely wishes in our hearts. Expand our thinking pattern toward all directions. Globalize the spirit of humanity in our world.

Created by Cameron Grey. I like all the spiritual elements that the artist…

"Regarding yourself as merely a ‘person’ is an insult to the unlimited consciousness that you are." (Artwork from Cameron Gray) .* Holy Tradition depicted with a few white doves in air!

joshuamaysart:  ‘Innerfusion,’ 2015 One of the new works by Joshua Mays on exhibit in “The Celestian Prophesy” at Oakland Terminal. Opening February 13, 2015.

2015 One of the new works by Joshua Mays on exhibit in &ldquo;The Celestian Prophesy&rdquo; at Oakland Terminal.