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Votes in Russia

The New World Order vs Vladimir Putin seems to me the fight people believe they are witnessing. People are WRONG!

mariehoesea - Voting meme 4 - Day 03

Seungho is just . perfect amyynator: “ “ My Fangirl Feelings… ” ”

Here's How Electoral Map Would Look If Only X Voted Meme

Here’s How the Electoral Map Would Look If Everyone Joked About Electoral Maps

A fun new election meme for voters everywhere.

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What Women For Hillary Should Really Consider Before Voting [Meme] | John Hawkins' Right Wing News

Via Susan Brown: Even with all her baggage, the mainstream media continues to paint Hillary Clinton as an angel of light. As nice as she looked at her acceptance speech,

ace ventura voting meme - Google Search

Post with 30746 votes and 311577 views. Attention College Grads: Here's some BudgetingTips

This annoying orange was elected. Welcome to Amerikkka. People who voted for Harambe or Hennessey I hope you're happy.

If this guy wins, stock up on wire coat hangers for when Roe v Wade is overturned, which it surely will be.