-Typed in Erlking, as in the German creature from cautionary tales who stole children away, and this is what came up.

Malus Darkblade

Theoretically this belongs with vampires. but I figure that a vampire warrior…

Warhammer Online Concept Art by namesjames on deviantART

Concept art for The Warhammer Online game Photoshop 7 Copyright EA-Mythic/Gamesworkshop Warhammer Online Concept Art

The Witch Elves (Druhir: Maihd) are the brides and priestesses of Khaine, Lord of Murder. They seek nothing more than to offer mighty sacrifices to their merciless deity, preferably by spilling their victim's blood amidst deadly combat. They are organized in a warrior sisterhood. Young priestesses form warbands, each led by a Hag. The Hags are responsible to more experienced Death Hags. The Death Hags answer only to the Hag Queens.

Witch Elves, known also as the Brides of Khaine are the cruelest of all their heartless race.

Malekith by on @deviantART

The Witch King Malekith, lord of Naggarond and Dark Elves everywhere, the first and only authority in all of Naggaroth, his only goal is to become the Phoenix King and rule all Elves to better their race and rebuild the empire they once had

Warhammer FB Dark Elves War Hydra

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