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Wesley Sromberg

Wesley favorited my tweet today! It is so nice to know they actually care about their fans! #EmblemForever!

Wes is perfect but just in the back you can see a little slice of heaven that I call Keaton;

Wesley Stromberg in rio - Could you imagine waking up after a drunken night and walking out to your hotel patio and seeing this? Ohh goodness, he's yummy. c:

i mean Imagine: waking up to nobody but yourself in your bed, wondering where your boyfriend, Wesley went when you go out in the patio and spot him shirtless and rumpled looking from last night ;

Wesley Stromberg's voice is like an angle being born a beautiful sound like no other ❤️

Since paul walker died :( i lost my first celeb crush now wesley is my :) besides my husband he will ALways be my main man lol

Wesley Stromberg, his smile is seriously captivating :)

"Great efforts from great motives is the best definition of a happy life" -Wesley Stromberg-

Wesley Stromberg HOSPITAL Scare - http://oceanup.com/2014/04/03/wesley-stromberg-hospital-scare/

I'm in the hospital but I'm feeling better! Nothing can keep me from my UK Emblems!