What is national debt

Norway produces the largest budget surpluses in the developed world and has no net national debt. Norway's miracle was built upon the highest corporate tax in the world, a wealth tax, and a 78% tax on oil profits.  US Uncut & The Progressive    http://www.progressivepress.net/us-fiscal-debate-could-learn-from-norway/

Norway’s Prime Minister explains how his country has no national debt: “Corporations pay the highest tax in the world, oil profits are taxed – the opposite of what America does.

With the world debt crisis still going strong, and economic uncertainty looming for many nations, we ask what is the current state of world debt? He

Trading & Currency infographic & data Trading infographic : World Debt Infographic. Infographic Description Trading infographic : World Debt Infographic

What Are Bonds? A Great Infographic From Mint.com

What Are Bonds? And How To Profit Investing In Bonds!

a debt instrument where an issuer such as a corporation, municipality or government agency owes you money.

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"I'm tired of every Republican politician being a medical super genius on vaginas. I want to hear gynecologists talk about the national debt.

2014; The same government that says flu shots are safe and fluoride is good for you also says horrific torture methods support "freedom and human dignity" - NaturalNews.com

The same government that says flu shots are safe and fluoride is good for you also says horrific torture methods support “freedom and human dignity” – NaturalNews.com

Pocket : Anti-obesity vaccine shot offers false promise of staying slim even on a junk food diet

Professional Soccer player Hope Solo contributes two things to America: looking hot and being a good athlete.

Rand Paul shatters left-right paradigm, can help grow GOP Beltway critics insist that Sen. Paul’s libertarianism limits him.

Debt Free Charts - I love this idea, especially to get the kids involved and excited!

Debt Free Charts: Visual Aid but reverse.so you fill it with color as you cut down the debt student loan debt refinance student loan debt

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Suffer an 'Airplane Headache' When Flying? You're Not Alone

Public Health Officials Know: Recently Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease

So someone asked who was the world in debt to? Here it is.

So someone asked who was the world in debt to? Here it is.

The debt of the world--- this hurts my brain. And my heart.Saddest thing I have ever heard.and the most dispicable

Doug Loud and Jeff Mosseri: Supply and Demand Will Rescue Gold Soon - http://www.therussophile.org/doug-loud-and-jeff-mosseri-supply-and-demand-will-rescue-gold-soon.html/

Hillary sent classified email to Chelsea about Greece debt crisis. Making money off another crisis. - Russia News Now

Lessons Business Leaders Can Learn From The Broken US Tax System

Lessons Business Leaders Can Learn From The Broken U.S. Tax System

Your tax dollars at work. Brought to you by our friends at HR Block. I had no idea our national debt was on such a high interest rate. We need a balance transfer!

Hillary's College Thesis was on Alinsky's 8 Levels of Control to Create a Communist State: 1.Control healthcare 2.Increase poverty-poor vote for higher taxes on rich 3.Increase national debt to unsustainable level 4.Gun control, so citizens can't defend themselves 5.Welfare: to take control of every aspect-Food, Livestock,Housing,Income 6.Education & Media Control 7.Remove & belittle faith in God 8.Class warfare-divide the people racially, politically, economically

Ten Ways Republicans Are Giving President Obama A Taste Of His Own Alinsky

Saul David Alinsky (January 1909 – June was an American community organizer and writer. He is generally considered to be the founder of modern community organizing. He is often noted for his book Rules for Radicals.