While IRS Targeted Christians and Conservatives, They Readily Approved Muslim Group Tied To Terrorism

Letters of Note: Harper Lee's letter to the editor regarding the Hanover County School Board's decision to remove all copies of To Kill a Mockingbird from the county's school libraries. Love it!

Letters of Note [Letters of Note is an attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos.

Obama should just smoke out the senate and maybe we can come to some agreements and compromises. Probama, go barrack go. Romney=liar.

It's nice to see a politician willing to show his human side. All of politicians have one, it's the ones that attempt the maintain that perfect facade that we have to worry about.

You don't say is the best!

IRL Based Memes

Globe Grows Darker as Sunshine Diminishes 10% to 37%;In some regions like Asia, the United States and Europe, the drop was even steeper. In Hong Kong, sunlight decreased 37 percent. THIS WAS ONE OF THE PURPOSES OF CHEM -TARILS_SINCE THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS

Globe Grows Darker as Sunshine Diminishes 10% to 37%

No picture to display for Pinterest but this is a great link to lots of free sewing patterns for Barbie and doll clothes.

Free Sewing Patterns for Barbie and Friends Dolls' Clothes

Strawberry hummus is a new variation of hummus, called frummus. This strawberry hummus recipe is perfect served with fresh fruits.

Sad times for America. Where is the media now? Where is the concern for the deaths under the Obama administration. Do you remember the outrage from the left over the amount of Americans killed while Bush was president? Do you?!  ||  THERE SHOULD ALWAYS BE AN OUTRAGE, NO MATTER WHO'S THE PRESIDENT!!!  THESE ARE OUR CHILDREN, OUR HUSBANDS, WIVES, MOTHERS AND FATHERS! THESE ARE OUR AMERICANS....DYING FOR WHAT?!!!  A

Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA - Went there so many times and always beautiful and very sad place.

Bucknackt's Sordid Tawdry Blog: Right Wing Round-Up  10JUN16

Family Research Institute: 'Capital Punishment Is Warranted' For Homosexuality

PBS Secret History of the Credit Card. Understand the techniques credit card companies use to earn record profits and encourage consumers to take on debt.

Secret History of the Credit Card

Andy Borowitz Calls the Winner of the 2012 Election : The New Yorker | Love this guy. Great video.

Andy Borowitz Calls the Winner of the 2012 Election

Michelle Obamas book signing! It's racist at all these other places too???? Bah idiots, Comprehend that word before you use it.

Everyone wants to have faith in the election process. Purge dead and illegal voters from all state records and require ID from all voters. Elections should be free of fraud!

Tatbir is a Muslim Ritual of Cutting Children from the ear to the top of their head.  Newsboy: On the Day of Ashura, a ritual called Tatbir (also here), was performed where a dagger was used to cut Obama’s scalp from ear to ear— leaving that telltale, damning keloidal scar which runs from ear to his crown to his other ear. Tatbir is performed every year on the 10th day of Islamic month of Moharram (roughly month of November), known as the Day of Ashura.  (Infidel Bloggers Alliance)

Tatbir is a Muslim Ritual of Cutting Children from the ear to the top of their head on the day of Ashura. got his scalp scar?

It is the american people that know what to do.  It is the idiot obama that thinks he knows best... and look where it has gotten us in four short years... God help us to survive the next four so we can start being smart again.

All opposite of what American does. In France the doctor comes to your house if you need it, free dental care in England, Germany you get alternative healthcare along with traditional, all free. Why don’t we know this?