Cats - White Persian kitten.

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Pure White Persian Kitten pictures.Follow the picture for more pictures

Fluffy white kitten This is what Muffin needs, a little white kitty to live in your little white house. Mimi did you hear me . a little white kitty for Muffin.

White Persian Kitten

Shaded Golden & White Bicolor Exotic Shorthair Persian Kitten For Sale

I'm not a cat fan, but i want a white persian cat for my birthday!

I'm not a cat fan, but i want a white persian cat for my birthday! This is not a white Persian. It's a Chinchilla Silver Persian. Eyes will turn green as this kitten matures.

Blue & White Teacup Persian Kitten

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White Persian (aka Fancy Feast) cat

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If I could ever have a cat it would be a Persian!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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