You ask me why I love you so much? That question is not so easy for me to…

Never stop holding my hand, or wrapping me up around my waist and pulling me into you. Never stop kissing me the way you do. I love you with an open vulnerable heart.

I love you so much more than I or anyone of our friends will ever understand. And I don't know why. I just love you.

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We all know you love him, Gwendolyn, don't lie. That's why you saved him after all, wasn't it? You thought he was cute. "I thought he was dead!" Mhmm sure. *

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I mean it. My loyalty. My trust. My everything is in one person. And that one person knows it. But doubts it.

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Mostly this: I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. I have jealousy issues. And trust issues. I can be moody sometimes. But I promise you that if I say I love you, I mean it. I'm faithful, I'm loyal, and I will do everything I can to keep you. Don't confuse my

Exactly why I married my best friend. ♥ I love you baby. Too sweet. :)

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Happy Birthday Big and Little Brother Quotes from Sisters and from Brothers. I love my best brother quotes with images that are funny and from the heart.

100 reasons why I love you 5. You make me want to write poetry like this (and I'm usually a lousybpoet):

100 Reasons Why I Love You

100 reasons why I love you You make me want to write poetry like this (and I'm usually a lousy poet)

I would choose you again and again! !                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Love Quote The Chaos of Stars Poetry Print by Riverwaystudios: i would never change a thing, the good, the bad, the ugly.its all part of this thing we call the journey of life!

Have I told you every reason why I love you? No. I have told you many reasons, but not every reason. I hope you understand that some things need to be whispered in your ear....2323.

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You truly are amazing, stubborn, sweet, soft hearted, caring and so beautiful. I love all of you and the person I am when I'm with you

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Love is when you sit beside someone doing nothing...

Love Is When You Sit Beside Someone Doing Nothing Yet You Feel Perfectly Happy?ref=pinp nn Love is when you sit beside someone doing nothing yet you feel perfectly happy.