Pagan- the word for a follower of a polytheistic religion, often worshiping the forces of nature.

The Top Pagan Festivals - The Big 8 Holidays

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Wiccan symbols for witchcraft books, Book of Shadows spell for your online or real Book of Shadows or witchcraft spells

Witchcraft Symbols And Their Meanings | Set of the Wiccan symbols | Stock Vector © Viacheslav Belyaev ...

Set of the Wiccan symbols: Triqueta, or Celtic Knot, symbol. clipart vector - Search Illustration, Drawings and EPS Graphics Images -

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dreamybruha: “ “Nobody reads this grimoire without my consent.” I bought a nice and nifty notebook to serve as my first grimoire; Place this in the first page of your grimoire to ward off unwanted people to read.