Window graphics

Play with opacity and shape. I would flip the triangles to point upward (more optimistic/positive vibe) // Window Graphics Tektura

I like the wood framing on the conference glass for TONE Tektura - Pinnacle window film by Jonnie Lawes

Mobile Application - 519bca99bac34-idx130501_wtae01_2.jpg - 2013-05-21 19:27:22 UTC

Mobile Application: Velti Headquarters by AECOM

Custom cut tree film for a unique look

Window Graphics Outdoor advertising professionals capitalize on these street window opportunities with vinyl window graphics, window decals and custom window signage.

I am all for telling a story effeciently and the way they produced this graphic by, first of all, choosing Helvetica as a font is genius. They chose the most common font to the reader's eye and then told a story by populating it with gym characters. This makes the story work and at the same time readable because most readers would have come across Helvetica in their daily lives.  @cathehs

Way finding graphics for the fitness center - or a take on this for the super graphic

We like our laser-cut vinyl window sticker... the facilities manager was less impressed, but we talked him round!

We like our laser-cut vinyl window sticker. the facilities manager was less impressed, but we talked him round!

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Branding, Identity and store concept for the Norwegian eyewear brand Kaibosh.

observatory: digital city installation by citrico grafico + cocolab

Kind of cool stickers on windows - would be even cooler if they were transparent monitors!

pin mounted panel corner detail  |  unforked restaurant

Frosted glass with sweet branded pattern. Thanks for the awesome idea! Unforked restaurant branding by Design Ranch branding