My view of Winnie the Pooh will never be the same #PsychologyProblems

My view of Winnie the Pooh will never be the same

Winnie the Pooh - Mental Disorders right out of the DSM. Lol

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Winnie the Pooh as an allegory for mental health: Christopher Robin - schizophrenic (he saw the toys) Pooh - Eating disorder Eey-ore - Depression Piglet - Anxiety Tigger - ADHD Own - Narcissism

What a wonderful thought. Repin if you know someone affected by depression….

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Awww / all about Eeyore / Winnie The Pooh / unconditional love and friendship. Eeyore is my favorite! Jane and I literally just talked about this two seconds ago. He is my spirit animal.

Eating Disorder Winnie the Pooh / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD Tigger / Depression Eeyore / Anxiety Piglet / Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD Rabbit / Schizephrenia Christopher Robin

Funny pictures about The Real Pooh And Friends. Oh, and cool pics about The Real Pooh And Friends. Also, The Real Pooh And Friends photos.

Mental illnesses of Winnie the Pooh and characters

Winnie the Pooh

Did you know the Winnie-the-Pooh characters all represent mental disorders! - Winnie the Pooh - Fanpop

The Future is Better: Winnie the pooh characters as mental disorders.

Winnie the pooh is a famous cartoon character. Each character has own disorder in this series. Find out which characters disorders similar to you.

hahahahaha- one of my professors totally used the Winnie the Pooh characters to help us understand what different disorders looked like! Ha--it's so true! Only Eeyore isn't Depressed, he's got Dysthymia...

Prescription Drugs For Winnie The Pooh And Friends

I always thought the Christopher Robin was crazy once i discoverd that Winnie the Pooh and (most of) his friends were toys, but that just me and my childhood.

Winnie The Pooh FACTS. Pooh- Eating Disorder, Piglet- Anxiety, Tigger-ADHD, Owl-Narcisim, Rabbit-OCD, Christopher Robin - Schizophrenia, Eeyore- Depression

Tigger has severe ADHD, Piglet has anxiety Rabbit is a pedantic loner Owl has OCD Eeyore has extreme depression, Pooh represents an addict.

Winnie the Pooh characters represent mental disorders. Tiger has ADHD, Piglet has anxiety, Rabbit has OCD, Eore has depression, and Pooh is an addict. Mind= BLOWN!

Winnie the Pooh characters represent mental disorders. Tigger has ADHD, Piglet has anxiety, Rabbit has OCD, Eeyore has depression, and Pooh has an addiction.

Pooh and the gang help illustrate the symptoms of common kinds of crazy in this set of animated GIFs by Matthew Wilkinson.

The Mental Disorders of Winnie The Pooh and Friends

Just when i've started to be happy and forget things that hurts me then taa-daa. it hit me again and depression hit again and of course another arguement.