I don't live in a place like that but it's still funny

winter in Minnesota. the place where the freezer is warmer than the outside temp

That's Wisconsin weather.

That's Wisconsin weather. UGH why is the Wisconsin Weather so nice right nowwww

Wisconsin Weather Radar

Wisconsin Weather Radar

Wisconsin weather

Wisconsin weather

Wisconsin Weather in 18 Incredible Photos

WunderPhotos® Uploaded by: YouKnowWho — Wednesday September 2013 — Lebanon, WI

Meanwhile in Michigan...you never know what will happen tomorrow..exciting!  CasablancaRealEstateCompany.com

Meanwhile in Michigan…

Funny pictures about Meanwhile in Michigan. Oh, and cool pics about Meanwhile in Michigan. Also, Meanwhile in Michigan.

Wisconsin Weather in 18 Incredible Photos - The Bobber I want to use this to decorate a room sometime. Glorious colors!!!

"The Thunder Rolls" Horizons by Phil Koch. Lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

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