Uncanny X-Force    Art by Khary Randolph and Emilio J. Lopez

I'm a big fan of the current X-Force book. It has some of my favorite x-characters and is consistently one of the best books Marvel puts out month after. X-Force

X-Force by Simone Bianchi


Comic book illustration of Wolverine made by digital artist Simone Bianchi for Uncanny X-Force

Uncanny X-Force by Kris Anka. I love the lighting in everything he does! It's so amazing!

Ms Marvel trapped color commission for lines by colors by me of course character copyright marvel comics 2011

x force | english marvel tells us the all new x force has another reason to rip ...

Spin-offs, team ups and superhero sidekickery movies are all the rage at the moment and word around the geekboy campfire is that ‘Uncanny X-Force’, a spin off in the X-Men World, is lin…

Deadpool X Force Puzzle Quest by alexiscabo1 on DeviantArt

Deadpool X Force Puzzle Quest by on DeviantArt - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Cover art for Uncanny X-Force vol. 2 #1. Artwork by Olivier Coipel.

Comic Book Day: Sam Humphries Talks “Uncanny X-Force” and Aztecs

Uncanny X-Force Vol. 2 Psylocke and Storm lead a new team of outcasts and scoundrels, including fan-favorite Puck, the villainous Spiral, and the mysterious Cluster. Their first adversary? X-legend Bishop!