Fitness Outfits : Illustration Description STICKY SOLE // Staying stable is essential to performing HIT drills. The Metcon 2 has a sticky sole, built to increase traction, prevent slipping and keep you stable through every rep.

Patterned gym leggings and more, work out pattern Backpack ($70) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring bags, backpacks, yellow backpack, rucksack bag, knapsack bag, yellow bag and day pack backpack on

NIKE Women's Shoes - A gym outfit to match your high intensity playlist — loud. Get the workout gear in the Nike Burn-Baby-Burn Fit Kit.

I'm that girl that listens to gangster rap on the way to the farmers market shirt - savage sports bra FUCKING MEE!

The Newest Addition to the Bootyqueen Legging Family. This crop style legging is offered in two options: Black with Red Cut outs and Yellow with Black Cut outs. With this Yellow and Black option the l

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Start fall in style. Layer up with Skylar Diggins' workout looks. Perfect to take on even your toughest training day at the gym.

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This is a go to outfit for me. I am wearing my Lularoe Carly with a Lularoe sarah cardigan and some fun Lularoe leggings!

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Urban casual: yellow hoodie paired with black leggings, perfect for those winter school days when you have no time to pick an outfit.

A yoga flow designed to stretch and strengthen the legs as well as improve balance and focus. Photo guide along with video demonstration. Also, get details on how you can avoid white marks and yellow stains from deodorant on your yoga clothes thanks to n