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To make an easy zombie costume, just put come red paint on a ripped white shirt and add some dark eye make-up.

Hello guys, so this is the first year in quite a while that I decided to dress up for halloween. I chose to be a zombie, because why not? As I was making my shirt it reminded me more and more of th…

DIY Zombie Shirt

There are a ton of cute and clever ways to DIY a costume from a t-shirt. Take a look at 10 of the best t-shirt costumes for Halloween.

Easy Zombie Makeup Tutorial

25+ Super Cool Step by Step Makeup Tutorials for Halloween

i like this image because its very use full because i can use this as a refference for the zombie clothing.

How To Make A Convincing Zombie Costume In 30 Minutes (Or Less)

Zombie Halloween Costume Idea: Use torn, tattered clothes for the ultimate zombie apocalypse look.

43 Halloween DIY Zombie Costumes That Are Completely Petrifying

43 Halloween DIY Zombie Costumes That Are Completely Petrifying

Everybody loves a good zombie, right? It's no surprise that multitudes of Halloween enthusiasts re-create some form of this classic costume year after year — you can't go wrong! In honor of zombies everywhere, we've put together a list of 43 undead

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