Makere Fahey-Herewini

Makere Fahey-Herewini

Makere Fahey-Herewini
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Hot to make string bracelets

Personalized Photo Charms Compatible with Pandora Bracelets. An awesome project for DIY bridal jewelry out of white threads only; no matter make it for you own or give as gift, learn this how to make string bracelets can be fit rightly.


"Washing My Hands" Timothy Creswick Brazosport ISD Brazoswood High School Teacher: Patricia Huntress SR

Matthew Small is a London-based street artist who works mainly with mixed media on found metal. “Found” metal is simply recycled metal and mixed media could be anything from traditional oil paint to human hair to rubbish

Making a Statement with Mixed Media – Matthew Small’s Street Art. Love the energy that all fuses to the central point of her face forming such an impact and explosive painting.

A wonderful piece of ART!

Charmaine Olivia is an artist based in San Francisco, California who is extremely curious and passionate about life, beautiful things. Her paintings are subjects of beautiful women fused with whimsy elements, which make them truly unique and memorable.


I want to try this for its lovely colour and tonal effects COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS by Zakhar Krylov, via Behance. Ink effects and photoshop tutorials - see tutorial links to Mr Talbot / Digital Art Wall. Search repetition in action of drawing, ink or paint.