5 Women or 1 Frog - Both

Fine art body painter Johannes Stötter transforms living models into animals, fruit and landscapes in amazing paintings inspired by nature. Check out his amazing body painting works.

Get outta here!

Buffalo launches lion in the air in defence of friend. Watch the friendship that exists in the wild grassfields

Momma and baby squirrel!

Mama Squirrel & Her Newborn Baby.omg so cute, makes me love squirrels that much more!


awesome jumping humpback whale by lea wheeler - national geographic


Funny pictures about Baby Sea Turtle. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Sea Turtle. Also, Baby Sea Turtle photos.

They call him Jesus...

There are lizards called Jesus Lizards that can walk on water : Speedy Gonzales has nothing on me.

Catch three fish with one bird...

Amazing picture of a Kingfisher catching 3 fish, bird, fish, ice fishing.