Matt Powell

Matt Powell
Christchurch, New Zealand / Designer. Actor. Improviser. Artist. Playwright. Musician. Genius. Hacker. Satirist. Pedant. Grammarian. Forensic Cryptozoologist. Monarch. Inveterate Liar.
Matt Powell
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Funny kittens - BEST GIFS of Cute Kitties sleeping, playing, freaking out, fighting & eating! Look more Funny Kittens Gifs on site - it'll melt your heart!

Quick selfie by astronaut Aki Hoshide (Japan) at the ISS.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Aki Hoshide takes a "selfie" photo of his helmet visor during a spacewalk at the International Space Station.

Vintage Goods Sock Monkey Necklace

Tiny Sock Monkey Necklace Sterling Silver Monkey by marmar on Etsy

Dew on a dragonfly: Photo by Photographer Martin Amm

Funny pictures about Dragonfly Covered In Morning Dew. Oh, and cool pics about Dragonfly Covered In Morning Dew. Also, Dragonfly Covered In Morning Dew photos.

Sunset on Mars. Holy shit.

The sunset seen from Mars, captured with NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit On May 2005

Geo Alphabet

‘Les enfants de la Bolduc’ (logo and typography) by Philippe Cossette. Previously on BLDGWLF… You may also like.