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We're in LUST with these images from the new erotic zine 'Sex Picnic' from Israel's very own Broken Fingaz crew.

Michael George Haddad: Funhouse Posters

FUNHOUSE is a bi-monthly DJ night at a venue called Mugshots. The bar is located in the historic Ottawa Jail Hostel.

Smiles | @hannahoverbeek

Smiley zine by Ian Rousey, a New York based Graphic Designer and regular collaborator of Chris Nosenzo. The cover image went wrong and that is how the full zine was produced, explorations into variations of the icon.

Circulatin_poster 蛙

OUWN was founded as a corporation in 2013 by Atsushi Ishiguro and Munechika Fujita. It is a coined word that shows our hope to foster interaction, dialogue,