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"Designer Jeremy Scott, whose previous pop culture collections include those inspired by The Flinstones and Mickey Mouse, unveiled an entire line devoted to The Simpsons character during New York Fashion week earlier today.

Remember when you were a child and your mother would say "Don't touch that, you don't know where its been?"

This is why you should never hold on to the pole on the subway, you never know where it's been lol City girl fo/sho! Hey,maybe her hand was hurting and she needed some way to hold on tight.

i want to put this on a coffee mug with that sharpie-baking method!!

This was silly and made me chuckle. I do have fabulous job security. I won't be fired any time soon, right? Parenting is much better than that sticky note claims, but the comments made me laugh. Yes, my coworker is super hot!

Auto Correct Text Fails

Everyone hates when auto correct takes over. You text someone to tell them you miss them but it auto correct to something bad and now you have your girlfriend wanting to kill you! So here are some crazy funny auto correct that other people did.