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The highest quality magical plant-based products from New Zealand to naturally empower and uplift you. Each Medicine Woman product is empowered and blessed by the sacred karakia, prayers that are 1000's of years old. Made in the pure tradition of the New Zealand tohunga, medicine man and medicine woman their origin goes back to a time when humanity worked with vibrational energy and lived in harmony with the powerful forces of nature.
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No 4 Divine Assistance Spell

This Divine Assistance Spell assists you to draw on divine assistance by calling on the highest spiritual power to overlight you. It can help you to recognize divine help and assistance in the many forms of expression it can take.

No 5 Empowerment Spell

Use this Empowerment Spell to discover and express your true self. Use this spell to enhance your passion for living and be all you can be. This spell helps you to discover and express who you really are.

No 12 Inheritance Spell

Fist bump with hard and soft hands - buy this stock photo on Shutterstock & find other images.

No 21 Success Spell

Use the Success Spell to assist you when you seek to attain or achieve a goal. Use this spell to increase the potential for a successful outcome, when combined with the application of individual will it can help you to successfully achieve an objective.

No 24 Wisdom Spell

Scary Red Eyes Eagle Owl Throw Pillow online after you search a lot for where to buyHow toHere a great deal.

No 25 Destiny Spell

No 25 Destiny Plant Spell - Ahutanga

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