Cool stuff son

Son this is some stuff that papa thinks is cool. Things I loved as a kid, things I think will be cool for you.
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First movie I can remember going to my son. I think I went to a muppets one first with koro. I still watch this movie today and cant wait to watch it one day with you #waxonwaxoff #foryouson

The Karate Kid (1984)

There's never been a better movie made about a young white guy learning martial arts from an old asian guy.

This was one cool movie son.  I can't really remember where I watched it but the movie ended up being a part of my daily life as a kid.  I still watch this movie today and relive childhood memories.  I can't wait to watch this with you #goonies #foryouson #coolmovie

Los Goonies (The Goonies), de Richard Donner, Ilustración de Drew Struzan

So glad we found one of these for you son.  One of my favourite things as a kid!

Do you remember the View Master? Love the View Master, Mom still has one at home.

Optimus Prime. Have to add this guy to hang out with our bumblebee when we find a cool one. #foryouson #transformers #autobots

"One shall stand, one shall fall" Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to present the Optimus Prime (Starscream Version) collectible figure from the

Here is one lot of figures that I always wanted as a kid.  I might have to keep looking for them now so we can relive the movie together.  Your the best!!!!!  #yourthebest #karatekid #foryouson

I might have to keep looking for them now so we can relive the movie together.

Uncle Paul got this one for his birthday. Then it became part of our life and still is today. #gottheglow #coolmovies #foryouson

The Last Dragon is a 1985 martial arts musical film produced by Rupert Hitzig for Berry Gordy and directed by Michael Schultz. The film was a critical disappointment but a financial success, and is now considered a cult classic.

Devastator - Transformers were all the craze son!  We managed to get one of these transformers when we (Uncle and I) were young.  By one I mean we had the arm! ha ha.

Maketoys Transformer Toy - Devastator looks so cool! Bringing back tons of childhood memories.

Double Dragon was the coolest game of my school years.  Back elbows everywhere. ki ya.  #arcadegame #foryouson #doubledragon

Double Dragon NES original Nintendo game cartridge on sale All DK's classic used games are cleaned, tested and guaranteed to work available for sale.

It's Maui time. Pretty cool to see a cartoon based on a hero I grew up hearing about.

i just watched the new Disney movie Moana today! and i couldn't have been more satisfied or alive then i was fangirling silently in the movie theater.

E.T. Phone home!  When I reflect on all these movies they made up part of what makes me.  Story makers were able to shape my belief in a greater cause.  I believe E.T. shaped me for the compassion I know have for animals.

El Extraterrestre (E. The Extra-Terrestrial), de Steven Spielberg