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Franka van Ginkel

Franka van Ginkel
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Nervous system -- The Organized College Student

divisions of the nervous system; divided into the PNS (afferent/efferent; autonomic/somatic-sympathetic/parasympathetic) and CNS (brain and spinal cord: cerebrum; diencephalon-thalamus and hypothalamus).


A nice (incomplete) chart of what common neurotransmitters do, where you can find them, and what sort of receptors they bind to.

sympathetic vs. parasympathetic nervous system

EMT and Paramedic Practice Tests Online! Check out our entire library of study resources and NREMT tests!

Super fun activity for remediating the phonological processes of fronting and stopping

Therapy Activity: This would be a fun activity to target the fronting and stopping phonological processes. The package provides picture examples for a wide range of sounds, making it more accessible for children who may not yet have the skills to read.