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Keep rabbits from eating! RAIN GUTTERS: Don’t have the yard space for a garden? Or simply just don't want to risk your kids running through it? Attach rain gutters to the side of your house to create a lovely herb and salad garden.

very cool idea

I LOVE this. This would make the perfect strawberry tower. I wonder if you could plant each side with something different, like an herb side, a strawberry side, a salad side and a flower side?

Munster Kids Geometric Doodle-Print Shorts

Munster Kids Geometric Doodle-Print Shorts

Trace shadows with chalk!

S is for Shadow, Tracing Shadows - New York Times article on Ellis G., who creates street art fromshadows.

Keep track of what you plant! A better way than your normal popsicle stick markers.

No more blown away plant markers in the garden.this fun project the kids can help with too! (Pinner: I have painted rocks but never made garden markers so would like to try some. I use paints for outdoor use.

Erwin Rommel inspecting the Atlantic Wall, France, spring 1944.

Erwin Rommel inspecting the Atlantic Wall, France, spring *note the camo netting above him. [How'd that whole "Atlantic Wall" thing go, by the way? Any problems?

One of the most recognizable faces from WWII, Field Marshall Erwin Rommel takes a drink with a member of his 15th Panzer Division near Tobruk, Libya, in 1942.  One of the few men to be given the exalted rank of Field Marshall, Rommel was nonetheless fair, compassionate, and appalled at the machinations of those engaged in "the Final Solution". He was forced into suicide late in the war.

Field Marshal General Erwin Rommel, commander of the German Afrika Korps, drinks out of a cup with an unidentified German officer as they are seated in a car during inspection of German troops dispatched to aid the Italian army in Libya in