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It was inevitable that the exponential growth in the popularity of genealogy would clash with concerns for the protection of privacy. As more and more people dig around in archives and online resources for finding dead and living relatives, there.


We have been thundering away on a research knot, one of those little unknown details that is not exactly a brick wall, more like a knot in one of those thin chains for a.

Every Little Town

Municipal Archives Newly Online Don't let any more opportunities go by in capturing the knowledge of your aging family generations


Huguenot Genealogy - Finding Protestants in Notarial Records Group all your extended family genealogy efforts into one dedicated website

Cnil collapse

The battle over an index to French parish and civil registrations has been raging for a while, and we have reported the occasional skirmish here on The FGB. To recapitulate a few essential points: Privacy protection trumps freedom of speech.

La misère

La misère

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We wish to thank all of you Dear Readers, who wrote to ask as to our safety after the dreadful attacks in Paris last week.